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As the world becomes more globalized, the barriers between nations become less visible, and an economic and commercial blending of culture takes place. As a result, many companies rely on a Customs Agency to transport goods and provide a service that promotes international progress.

Our Team of Professionals Are Ready to Assist You With our supreme Service and Expert knowledge as a Customs Brokerage We will Surpass all Expectations.



Service and Advice

Servicio y Asesoria

We provide all services associated with a Customs Brokerage at a National Level in accordance with Resolucion Directorate of National Taxes and Customs (DIAN) 008439. We deal in the services related to nationalizing products, imports, exports, customs transit, induction to tax free-areas, temporal imports, preparation of import licenses and Certificates of Origin, among other capabilities.

We only offer our services to companies with an excellent corporate image, our service disposition is with the obligation of satisfying all needs associated with private and public processing related to foreign trade and is supported by our experience, seniority, innovation and knowledge of our core service areas.


Information and News

Informacion y Noticias

Technical Assistance:

Consulting in customs technical regulations, exchange rates, optimization of all processes in Foreign Trade applicable to the particular operations of each importer and exporter which result in reduced time and costs for our clients.


Tracking and support of all import operations, clearance precedures, import registration, assistance in tax classification, release of transport documents, nationalization in hours, cordination of logistics from the arrival of merchandise to the delivery to transport.


Accompanying assesment and coordination of exportacion operations, clearance precedures, development of sworn statements of origin, certificates of origin and the rest of all requirements necessary for their operation..


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